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Background Check Information

Effective April 17, 2024, the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (“ATC”) will begin utilizing the new Louisiana State Police (LSP) criminal history request and reporting system (LAPS).  Pursuant to R.S. 26:80 and 26:280, in order to determine the suitability of an applicant, it is required all applicants, its officers, members, owners, directors, and any person owning in aggregate more than 5% have a state and federal criminal background investigation be conducted. In lieu of submitting to the ATC a full set of fingerprints and background fees, Applicants will be able schedule an appointment online at and visit one of approximately 57 sites located throughout the state as well as many sites across the United States to complete fingerprinting and submission. During scheduling, it is required to enter in ATC Service Code (27KB44) to proceed with registration. Once scheduling is completed, applicants will have fingerprints conducted at one of these sites. The ATC will receive confirmation when the applicant has completed this process and will also be notified of the results within 72 hours. It is recommended that any applicant who is required to submit fingerprints for the purpose of determining suitability for a permit, to review the instructions carefully to ensure correct submission. Failure to submit the require check correctly may result in application processing delays or denial of your application.