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Vertical Driver's License Information

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What Form of Identification is NOT Acceptable?

Louisiana has a special ID for persons under 21. The license is designed to help you, the server, know that the person cannot purchase alcohol/tobacco products. This is the license of a person who is UNDER 21. This license is vertically oriented (UP AND DOWN)


Under 21

Vertical License With Date Milestones

Over 21

Adult License


Identification policies should be established to decrease the chance that a minor will be served alcohol or tobacco. These policies should include:

  • Refusing to sell to persons without a valid ID
  • Following set procedure when checking each ID
  • Checking the expiration date of the ID
  • Checking the birth date
  • Checking the date the ID was issued
  • Checking the photo or resemblance to the buyer
  • Checking the ID of everyone at the bar or counter to ensure compliance with the age restrictions