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The mission of the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control is to maintain the integrity of Louisiana's alcoholic beverage and tobacco industries through effective regulation that promotes responsible business practices and the prevention of access to underage persons.


The Agency's vision is to be the best in the nation. The people of the state of Louisiana deserve no less.


The Agency's goal is to provide taxpayers with superior customer service throughout the permitting process.

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2023 ATC Advisory Update on CBD Consumable Hemp Laws
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Advisory Certification V.A.P.E. Directory 23.10.05
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Emergency Rule 55.VII.3101 3123 VAPE Directory
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ATC Advisory: Consumable Hemp Guidance and Updates
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Announcing New North Louisiana Office Opening 3-20-2023
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ATTENTION: ATC Advisory Renewal submitted timely to ATC
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ATC Advisory Renewal submitted timely to ATC
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ATTENTION: ATC Advisory - EBR Ascension Renewal Extension to March 15th
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ATTENTION: Advisory Extension to Feb 28
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ATTENTION: Jefferson Parish Renewal Extension
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