Louisiana Vertical Driver's License Information



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    What Form of Identification is NOT Acceptable?



    Louisiana has a special ID for persons under 21. The license is designed to help you, the server, know that the person cannot purchase alcohol/tobacco products. This is the license of a person who is UNDER 21. This license is vertically oriented (UP AND DOWN)












    Identification policies should be established to decrease the chance that a minor will be served alcohol or tobacco. These policies should include:

    •    Refusing to sell to persons without a valid ID
    •    Following set procedure when checking each ID
    •    Checking the expiration date of the ID
    •    Checking the birth date
    •    Checking the date the ID was issued
    •    Checking the photo or resemblance to the buyer

    •    Checking the ID of everyone at the bar or counter to ensure compliance with the age restrictions