Supplemental Documents for Alcohol Applications



SUITABILITY DOCUMENTS – Suitability documents for managers may be submitted directly to the following email:


Schedule A Form – Must be completed by EACH individual officer, director, member, partner, or owner owning more than 5%.


Click to Download Schedule A Form : Email -


Schedule F Form – Only required if individual or spouse of individual required to submit a Schedule has been arrested or convicted of a felony charge.


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Fingerprint Authorization & Disclosure Forms - Submission required for any new officer, director, member, partner or any person owning greater than 5%. Two sets of fingerprints or proof of electronic signature submission and electronic submission form and applicable fees of $39.25 must be remitted in conjunction with forms. Fingerprints fees of $39.25 must remitted with forms.


Click to Download Fingerprint Submission Form : Email -


  • Change of Members/Shareholders/Officers



  • Alcoholic Beverage Retail Dealer Change of Location Instructions



  • Alcoholic Beverage Dealer Trade Name Change Instructions



  • Sample Newspaper Legal Notice Publication



  • Conversions From One Legal Business Entity to Another Legal Business Entity Form



  • Prohibited Acts



  • Application for Appointment or Change in Management



  • Notice of Intent Application



  • Statement of Corrections