Solicitor / Broker Permit



Solicitor Permit:   This permit shall be issued to any person who offers for sale or solicits any orders for the sale of any regulated beverage, other than malt beverages, at any place other than in a regularly established and licensed place of business in this state, for delivery or shipment to any point in the state, whether done as owner, agent, or servant. 


No solicitor shall represent more than one dealer, and that dealer’s name and address shall appear on the solicitor’s permit.  The holder of this permit cannot be the owner, manager or decision maker of a business holding a Class AG, AR, B or C retail liquor permit. 


If the holder of this permit is the spouse of a person who is the owner or manager of a business having a Class AG, AR, B or C retail liquor permit, the solicitor spouse cannot be the solicitor who calls on the spouse’s business, and whatever supplier or wholesale license the solicitor’s license is representing must not maintain any tied house or fair trade issues with the permittee. 




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    Broker Permit:   This permit shall be issued to any person, other than licensed dealers, who may solicit, receive, or transmit orders for beverage alcohol as an agent of one or more licensed dealers, and does not maintain an inventory of, possess as property right in, or deliver any beverage alcohol.




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