Responsible Vendor Provider Information



Louisiana ATC currently licenses over one hundred RV Providers who coordinate the classes and training opportunities for individuals to become licensed servers of alcohol/tobacco products. By utilizing the various trainers and educators licensed as RV Trainers, these providers educate the diverse groups that are employed as servers and clerks. On the 3rd Thursday of each month the Responsible Vendor Program Administrators conduct a board meeting with members from its nine person committee. The Administrators are comprised of members from the following groups.


• Louisiana Restaurant Association.


• Louisiana Retailer‘s Association.


• Louisiana Association of Alcoholic Beverage Licensees, Inc.


• Louisiana Oil Marketers Association.


• Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse


• Louisiana Hotel/Motel Association.


• Highway Safety Council.


• Mothers Against Drunk Driving.


The board discusses common subjects relative to the regulation of the Responsible Vendor Program. The board reviews new providers, reviews Provider/Trainer violations and discusses matters that affect the RV Program. Members of ATC Enforcement and other sections are also present at these meetings to discuss matters relevant to the enforcement of the RV Program.



RV Provider Resources


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