Restaurant (Class AR)




Class AR (Restaurant) Permit:   This permit shall be issued only to a restaurant establishment whose purpose and primary function is to take orders for and serve food and food items.  Such service of food may include the serving of alcoholic beverages in conjunction with meals.   To qualify for this permit, a restaurant establishment must meet all of the following qualifications: (1) operate a place of business whose average monthly revenue from the sale of food and nonalcoholic beverages exceeds fifty percent of its total average monthly revenue from the sale of food, nonalcoholic beverages and alcoholic beverages; (2) serves food on all days of operation; (3) maintains separate sales figures for alcoholic beverages; (4) operates a fully equipped kitchen used for the preparation of uncooked foods for service and consumption of such foods on the premises; and (5) has a public habitable floor area of no less than 500 square feet. 





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