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CLICK HERE TO RENEW YOUR PERMIT (See the requirements listed below).





Alcohol & Tobacco Permits are renewed annually through the Louisiana Office of Alcohol & Tobacco Control. You will receive a renewal notice from ATC approximately 45 days before your Permit expires. You must pay your annual license fee before or on your expiration date to avoid late renewal penalties.



Online Renewal Requirements
You cannot renew online if the following applies to you:


-You did not receive an Online PIN on your Renewal Notice


-You have a suspended or revoked Permit



How do I renew my Permit?


CLICK HERE TO RENEW YOUR PERMIT if you meet the requirements.


Renew by mail using the ATC Permit Renewal form you received with your renewal notice.


Mail to:
Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control
PO Box 66404
Baton Rouge, LA



How much does it cost to renew my Permit?
The cost for renewal is based on your Permit type.


  • Alcohol Permit descriptions and fees


  • Tobacco Permit descriptions and fees


    VERY IMPORTANT: No Refunds will be made once ATC receive your Application and Renewal Fees.


    ** A $5 Credit Card Processing Fee will be charged in addition to your Renewal Fees. **



    Renewal Late Fees/ Penalties:


    Renewal applications for Alcohol Permits must be submitted on or before expiration date to avoid penalties.


  • Alcohol Penalty Schedule


    Renewal applications for Tobacco Permits must be submitted on or before expiration date to avoid penalties.


  • Tobacco Penalty Schedule



    VERY IMPORTANT: Penalty Fees are automatically calculated and added to your Online Renewal Application.
    Renewals will not be accepted/processed unless applicable penalty fees have been paid.



    What you will need to renew your Permit online


    - Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express debit or credit card for payment.


    - Your Online PIN (shown on your Notice to Renew)


    - A copy of your Local Tax Clearance


    - A Current Lease or Management Agreement at your Business Location


    - Make sure Secretary of State annual report is in "Good Standing"



    Click Here to check your Secretary of State standing


    ** Only for the following types of businesses **


    1. Corporation or LLC

    2. Partnership

    3. Any other Legal Entity (other than Sole Proprietor)





    VERY IMPORTANT: The unavailability of the ATC Online Renewal System is not grounds for an extension to the Renewal filing deadlines. Official filing of an Online Renewal depends on receipt of all fees charged to your credit card.




    Questions or problems using ATC Online Renewal Portal?


    1) For best results, please renew via a computer


    2) Try a different browser


    3) Internet Explorer users: Add to compatibility list


    4) Email ATC IT Department Click Here with any questions or concerns.



    After you Renew


    Print the confirmation screen for your records. You will receive your license to the address on file within 14 business days. Please do not send in the paper Renewal Form.


    Check Status of Online Renewal



    What should I do if I don’t want to renew my Permit?


    Please call the ATC Customer Service Desk at (225) 925-4041.




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