Requesting Public Records from ATC



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Method of Access:


Requests are made online below or send ATC Public Records Request Form(s) to: Custodian of Records



Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control


PO Box 66404


Baton Rouge, LA 70896-6404


General: The Louisiana Office of Alcohol & Tobacco Control (ATC) processes public records requests during regular business hours each business day. The Louisiana Public Records Law is La. R.S. 44.1 et seq.


Requirements: All requests for copies of ATC public records must be completed using the Public Records Request Form and must comply with the following:


1. Include the name of the person requesting the public record.


2. Include the list of clearly identified ATC public records being requested.


3. Requests for ATC public records can now be made ONLINE.
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ATC's Response to Request:


*ATC will notify all requestors, within three days (exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays, and legal public holidays) of the status of the request. The requestor will be notified of the applicable fees due. See “Fees” below.


*Upon receipt of applicable fees, public records are available to the requestor.


*If payment is not received within 10 days after notice is sent by ATC to the requestor, it may be necessary for the requestor to initiate a new request.



ATC Public Records Fees (Click Below): The Uniform Fee Schedule for copies of public records is published in the Louisiana Administrative Code at LAC 4:I.301.


Fee Schedule



Free or Reduced Rate: In order for ATC to consider a free or reduced rate for copies of public records, the requestor must qualify through submission of the ATC Certificate for Free or Reduced Rates Form.


  • Certification for Free or Reduced Copy Fee


    Payment: Fees for copies of public records must be paid in advance by check or money order made payable to the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control. Records are unavailable until fees (where applicable) are received. Once a public record is copied and delivered to the requestor, it cannot be returned to LDR for credit.


    Delivery of Records: Processed records requests may be delivered to the requestor by any means listed below. The means of delivery may be determined by the requestor.


    1. Copies mailed to requestor at mailing address provided by requestor


    2. Copies picked-up in person by the requestor


    3. Copies emailed to the requestor at provided email address


    4. Records made available for viewing in person at ATC headquarters