Business Development

The Business Development Section of the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control is responsible for issuing permits to vendors of alcohol and tobacco products.

The alcohol section is responsible for the review of alcohol permit sales applications (once the ATC Enforcement Division has completed its investigation). More than 30,000 new and renewal applications are processed annually. This section is also responsible for maintaining a statewide vendor database that includes detailed information on approximately 15,000 active vendors and establishments, payment history, non-compliance history, and permit status, notifying vendors of non-compliance fines, notifying appropriate persons of non-compliance hearing, and collecting and accounting of all permit fees and non-compliance fines.

The tobacco section was created in 1997 when Louisiana passed tobacco regulation to comply with federal mandates against tobacco sales to minors. This Division processes approximately 15,000 new and renewal permits annually. The procedures for issuing tobacco permits, case management, and accounting are much the same as those for alcohol.