Alcohol Applications: Caterer Independent Concessionaire Application



Caterer Independent Concessionaire Permit: This permit shall be issued to businesses that hold a written concession agreement at an arena, stadium, or other type of event venue. Businesses must have written agreement to provide food and beverage concession(s) from the owner/operator of the premise, including a provision prohibiting any party to engage in conduct prohibited by alcoholic beverage laws. Businesses must not own or manage the premise or be owned by the owner or manager of the premise. Businesses cannot receive any monetary benefit from the alcohol industry, except where authorized by law, and cannot receive any direct monetary benefit from advertising, promotional, or sponsorship revenues from the premises. The permit holder is solely responsible to determine the quantity and brand of alcohol. This permit does not allow the service of alcohol at a premise whose primary purpose is the sale of food, or any premise that derives more than 75% of gross revenue from on-premise sale of alcohol.




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