Special Event FAQs



Q: What is a special event?

A: Special events are events held at any location, where alcoholic beverages are served as an incidental part of the event for payment rendered or are supplied as a part of a general admission or other type fee.  See the permit section of our website for additional information on the types of special event permits and the qualifications for each type of special event permit.

Q: Is a special event permit required for an event held on private property?

A: Yes, a special event is required if alcoholic beverages will be sold or served as part of a general admission or other type fee.

Q: How many special event permits can I get a year?

A:  No more than 12 special event permits may be issued to any one person or business within a single calendar year.

Q: How long is a special event permit valid?

A: Special event permits are valid for 3 consecutive days only. 

Q: Can I obtain more than one special event permit if my event will last more than 3 days?

A: Yes, but no person can obtain more than 12 special event permits per calendar year.

Q: How far in advance do I need to submit my special event application?

A: Special event applications must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the event.

Q: The special event application requires a list of sponsors, but my event has a lot of sponsors; do I have to list every sponsor?

A: You must provide ATC with a complete list of all sponsors who are members of the alcoholic beverage industry.