As a Louisiana Alcoholic Beverage permit holder, you are required to report all managers to the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) immediately upon employment.


Failure to comply will result in penalties up to and including revocation of your alcoholic beverage permit.

For ATC reporting purposes, “manager” means any person who is authorized to perform any of the following functions on behalf of the permitted business:

1. Make ultimate decisions regarding hiring, firing, promoting, demoting and/or disciplining employees;


2. Enter into contracts;


3. Sign business checks and/or have access to the business’s bank accounts;


4. Approve policies and procedures; or


5. Make executive decisions including, but not limited to: (a) approving employee wages; (b) approving inventory purchases; (c) authorizing and/or purchasing business advertisements; (d) setting prices for products offered for sale; and/or (e) authorizing coupons, rebates, promotional programs and items, sponsorships, trade-calls, samplings, special events, donations, business related travel and other expenditures, etc.

Every alcoholic beverage permit holder shall submit all of the following to ATC for each manager:



For Retailers


  • Click Here to download Retailer Manager Reporting Packet



    For Wholesalers


  • Click Here to download Wholesaler Manager Reporting Packet



    For Manufacturers


  • Click Here to download Manufacturer Manager Reporting Packet





    These Manager Reporting Packets include:


    (1) A Manager Affidavit form signed by an ATC approved owner, officer, member or director;


    (2) A Schedule A form completed and signed by the manager;


    (3) A colored copy of the manager’s valid driver’s license or state issued personal identification card.


    (4) (Only If Applicable) A Schedule F form completed and signed by the manager;






    Permit holders shall also notify ATC, in writing, immediately upon the separation/termination of any previously reported manager.