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***CBD Current Permit List***


ATC Malt Beverage Stocking Rotating Pricing Rule (Effective 08-20-2019)


Alcohol Delivery Begins in Louisiana!


Private Label Alcohol Rule Public Hearing Notice


FDA position on CBD additives to food products


CBD Applications


Louisiana ATC Issues First CBD Permits for Legal Sale


Cease and Desist Retailers Requiring Wholesalers to Engage Third Party Providers


ATC Notice of Intent for our Private Labels Alcohol Rule


ATC Notice of Intent for Low Content Stocking Rotating Pricing Rule


Employee Records Warning Notice


Promoter Pop Up Dance & Strip Clubs Notice


Agriculture Improvement Act 2018


Alcohol Vending Machines Warning


Wholesaler Warning Regarding High Alcohol Content Discounts


Cease and Desist Warning to Adult Entertainers


Fingerprint Fee Increase


ATC Cease and Desist-Direct Shipment of Alcohol to Consumers and Businesses Prohibited


ATC Cease and Desist - To Wine Shops and Package Stores


ATC Bans Products Containing Controlled Dangerous Substances


ATC Updated List of Banned Subtances


ATC Notice of Intent for our Digitized Identification Rule


ATC Cease and Desist - (Manufacturer Special Occasions)


ATC Cease and Desist - (Illegality of Supplying Products to Falisfy a Drug Test) <


ATC Announcement - (Alcoholic Snowballs, Popsicles and Sorbet Notice)


ATC Announcement - (Alternative Nicotine and Vapor Products)